Wednesday, 9 December 2015

15 ways to be the "CHANGE" you want to see in Nigeria - No.8
 Be Early, Be Effective: One of the civil service diseases as far as I am concerned is ‘wrong attitude to work’. Rightly said: ‘Attitude is everything’ the right attitude that is. 

Numbers of dedicated civil servants are so few, we can’t see them. I don’t want to make a case of the ones I know around me, because I can’t lay my hand on a good example yet. According to Mallam El-rufai in his book, The Accidental Public Servant, “It is a truism that no nation develops beyond the capacity of its public servants and the services they provide to our nation are both below expectations.” It will be a massive revolution in Nigeria, if civil servants are known for going to work early, staying on their jobs and been productive no matter their level or position. 

One of the delightful stories about El-Rufai when he was FCT Minister was that he ensured his staff came early to work. He would come early, sometimes and wait at the gate to lookout for late comers, and that kept everyone in that ministry on their toes. Getting to work early and doing your best to be more effective on your job as an employer, especially as a Civil Servant will revolutionize our civil service and bring about positive change and development to the entire nation. Early and staying the long haul gets the job done. #BeTheChange.

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