Monday, 7 December 2015

$5.2billion Fine: You are dead wrong to say Pres. Buhari will have the final say- MTN says to Adebayo.

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Nigeria's Communications Minister Adebayo Shittu has been widely quoted as declaring that President Muhammadu Buhari will have the final say on issues arising from the $5.2billion fine imposed on South African telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria, by the National Communication Commission (NCC). The company's management has admitted to the infractions for which it was being sanctioned, all it's asking for is a reprieve in the form of reduction of the huge fine and the time lag for it to pay up the sum that might be allowed.

It is over a week now that the minister has been credited with that statement. Since no denial has come from him, it could be taken that he did affirm that the president would have to put his mouth before the MTN debacle could be settled.

It must quickly be stated, and with all emphasis, that the minister is wrong. He is dead wrong, on several fronts.

To drag the president into a matter as little as affecting a private enterprise operating in the country, diminishes the authorities of the President and the Presidency. The statement also renders infantile the presence of the minister as the supervising authority on matters of communication business in the country, just as it is a gross disservice to NCC as the statutory regulatory body empowered under the law to treat cases as in the instant case affecting MTN, and has acted appropriately within its laws.

The South African company incurred the fine after committing deliberate infractions against the laws of Nigeria.

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