Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BlackBerry is bringing BBM mobile payments to Africa

BlackBerry announced Monday that it plans to allow BBM users in Africa (starting with Nigeria) to send money or airtime “as simply as they transfer photos or files.” It’s part of a wider push by BlackBerry to establish a presence in the mobile payments space, especially in emerging markets.

In Nigeria and South Africa, the company says it sees over half a million new users install BBM per month, which it believes is allowing “a network effects [to] take root in several markets across the continent.” Beyond that, it’s seeing “close to 10 million visits to the BBM Shop per month, and now over 26 million ad requests per day.” Continue.........

These strong advertising numbers mean that South Africa and Nigeria “represent two of our biggest global opportunities,” BlackBerry said, adding that while “both are seen as developing economies, they are some of our top revenue-generating markets.”


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