Thursday, 31 December 2015

How would you spend last day of the year? Here are some ideas.

December 31 is a day where most people want to have a memorable end to the current year and lasting memories of the start of another. Here are some ideas on how you can make it memorable:
  1. Make it a day of gratitude to God and to people who were part of making the year a good one for you.
  2. Spend a good amount of time in solitude, reflecting on 2015 and your new dreams for 2016.
  3. Do something memorable and fun to close the year - Take yourself out, hang out with loved ones, etc.
  4. Get rid of every regret, and get optimistic about the new year
  5. Talk with a mentor about your new year plan and aspirations
  6. Attend a crossover service especially if you are a Christian.
  7. Personally have a prayer session committing 2016 into God's hand to help you have a great year.
  8. Whatever you do, ensure you have a fantastic last day of the year. 
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