Thursday, 17 December 2015

I couldn't wake my mother - Touching story of how a 4 year old spent 2days with his mother's corpse.

An innocent 4 year old  boy spent 2 full days living with his mother's dead body. He tried frantically to wake her up, with thoughts which she was far asleep. Little did he know that his mother was dead. How did he survive the two days? How was he rescued? Read full details below:

TA rental store employee is being credited with rescuing a 4-year-old boy who spent two days alone with his mother’s body after she died suddenly in their Buffalo  apartment.

Rent-A-Center worker Taijuan Littleton says he had a Dec. 4 appointment with customer Shaleena Hamilton, but she didn’t answer the door when he arrived. Her son Bryan Allen eventually opened the door after telling Littleton he couldn’t wake up his mother. Continue........

Littleton called 911 and took Bryan to his work truck, where he wrapped the boy in a blanket.
Police say the boy survived on milk and maple syrup for two days. An autopsy determined his mother died of natural causes.

Bryan is now in the care of relatives.

Police will present him with a new bicycle and other gifts on Monday.

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