Monday, 28 December 2015

I have a phobia for fair ladies + what I would do if a baby mama emerges - MI Abaga

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Renowned Nigerian rapper MI Abaga revealed in a recent interview with Potpourri that most fair ladies have bleached skin, hence he has a strong phobia for dating fair ladies.  The only way I can marry a fair skinned lady is if she has a childhood picture evidencing she was born fair, the rapper said. With a phobia for fair ladies, MI also has a special likeness for tall girls, which he said would make up for his height shortfalls to produce him tall children. His words after the cut........
“ Talking about the physical side of what I want in a woman, I want my children to be tall, so, she must be tall because I am not tall. Then I don’t care about complexion. If she is fair, that would be a problem because I would have to see her childhood picture to confirm if she’s natural or artificial. Most ladies that claim to be fair or appear to be fair these days get unnatural means to achieve it. So, getting her childhood picture would tell me all I need to know concerning her true complexion”, he declares

He however conceded that he would take in any girl claiming to have got pregnant for him if he has the proof that they have had sexual relations before.

“Yes, if I have a proof that we have been together and done it because I believe that the best way for a child to be raised is for both parents to be around. Look at somebody like 2Face he has shown love to all his kids and they are very close. Not only that, he has also maintained a good relationship with the mothers. When such situations arise, the best you can do is to make the most of it by staying true to yourself and be fair to all concerned” he quipped.

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