Monday, 28 December 2015

Image of Virgin Mary appears to congregation during Christmas celebration.

The congregation of transfiguration catholic church Georgia were amazed when an image that looked like Virgin Mary appeared on a glass window in the church.

At first, people assumed that the image on the glass which many had started taking photos of was condensation but the local priest of the church on seeing it confirmed that it wasn’t.

Father Fernardo Molina-Restrepo, the Priest said “No No No, there is no way you can do that” when asked if he was the one that drew it.

He told his followers on a facebook post: “many claim it is the image of the Virgin Mary, some say it was due to a faulty window coating, I will let you make your own interpretation. We may never agree on how this image appeared on the window.”

The priest said the image first appeared on December 12, which is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadualupe.

The Parishoner, Victor Jose Alvarado who posted the image on Facebook said:”We started praying and singing songs to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and immediately started feeling peace and the smell of roses!!! We just finished having lunch when someone noticed a very bright sun ray and in front of our eyes her image started to appear in the window.”

A woman who was among the people also queuing to see the image was in tears as she prayed to the silhouette while saying out loud “Believe, believe and have faith.”

Photo source: facebook/ VictorJoseAlvarado (North Carolina museum of art)

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