Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Incredible! Woman with sleeping beauty disease sleeps through childbirth.

24 year old woman from Birmingham, Jody Robson who is believed to have the ‘sleeping beauty syndrome’ has no memories of going into labour or giving birth to her son, as she slept through the childbirth process.

This syndrome is medically referred to as Kleine Levine Syndrome. It is a rare neurological disorder that makes its victim unable to wake up from sleep for days, or sometimes even weeks.

Jody has had series of sleep episodes, some of them being so severe that she would sleep and wake up into a new year barely realizing she had slept for too long. She said: “one moment I’ve closed my eyes, and the next I’ve woken up and its two or three weeks later. I’ve missed holidays and my sister’s eighteenth birthday because I was in an episode.” Continue......

The experience started for the first time at a sleepover when she was 12. Jody had packed her toys, sweets and change of clothes hoping to have fun, but unfortunately, she drifted off into a long sleep.

This rare disorder also leaves with bits of her memories; she has to rely on Steven, her husband to update her on what is happening in the life of their two sons.

Jody is frustrated because she is sleeping through the children’s childhood and cannot do anything about it. While speaking on sleeping through childbirth, she said: “it upsets me because I don’t remember giving birth and it’s supposed to be a precious moment. I think it’s the most upsetting episode I ever had. It gets me emotional because I missed it.”

She has high hopes that one day the doctors would fully diagnose what is really wrong with her and prescribe a medication.

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