Monday, 7 December 2015

#MustRead: No To Social Media Bill, No To Social Media Abuse.

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Even though  I have an 80% support for #NoToSocialMediaBill, I still have this 20% reservation that feels we need some form of control on social media. This is why: Some people have taken advantage of this medium to foster their selfish ambition by publishing abusive/libelous and unconfirmed information about their opponents. And also due to the war that ensue on social media as a result of partisanship. Wrote 15 ways to be the change you want to see in Nigeria a while ago, and my 7 point is STOP THE ABUSE. Social media bill or not, we need to show more responsibility on social media. We should use the medium to build and unite not for wars and destruction. Continue.......

Stop the Abuse: Abuse have become a National trend in Nigeria, especially during the 2015 elections. Opponents employed it as a means of ridiculing their oppositions. It has even become a form of employment in Nigeria today, where people get paid just to stay on the internet to make issues against their opponent. Disclaimer: No, evidence of this so far, but speculations have it so and it is evident in the kind of social media battle that seems to be all over the internet. Some angry, some paid Nigerian citizens rant out abuses on Leaders, like they are saint. Anne Frank was right when she said: “The common man is every bit as guilty, otherwise, people and nations would have rebelled long ago.” The little wrong we do in our homes, offices, market places and on the street, can seldom be differentiated from bribery, corruption and bad governance, should any difference exist, it will be location. I can boldly say, if you are not faithful in little matters, you will definitely smash all the rules in bigger issues.

Many Nigerians might crucify me for this. But, it is stated categorically in every religion to respect those in authority and it is just African to respect our elders/leaders. Every right motive gets muddled up in abuse. Every criticism laced with abuse will lose its value. Activism is a good course, criticizing can initiate change, but we must keep them constructive and meaningful. The best of intentions can be misunderstood when we abuse. Not many will like me for this point, like I said but there is no truer value that can set us on the right course like this one. No matter how bad our family or parents are, we could never ring it into their ears in abuses. It’s not African, it’s not Nigerian. Take me for my words, insulting our leaders will never ease Nigeria of her problems. Don’t want to bore you with too much write-up could have shown you samples of people who brought about change for their Nation, they were not people who spoke carelessly or abusively, they were people who looked for ways to be the change they want to see without necessary castigating anyone. Just by doing the right thing, they were able to influence government and leaders positively. Even when there is a need to criticize an act or policy it is so constructively done, it doesn’t miss its target. We don’t listen to people who abuse us, and our best and natural response to an abuse is abuse. Making it’s impact void and unhelpful with no real power for change. So let’s speak differently as a people who want to drive genuine change for Nigeria and we will see the revolution that will bring about our New and Great Nigeria.

On the bill to censor social media, I strongly stand against that, but social media users need to censor themselves and stop using various platform for abusive and castigating purposes for cases that are unfounded. Please leave a comment.

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