Tuesday, 29 December 2015

#MustRead: Top 7 Patriotic Strides of 2015 in Nigeria.


Patriotism have remained an essential but scarce commodity in Nigeria. With Change on our mind and with the dire need to save our land from it' s colossal challenges, the demand for patriotic citizens is on the increase. Nigeria is in demand of Men and Women who will fight for a better and great Nigeria, a breed of people who will refuse to play partisan politics with every venture and embrace a new phenomenon called "Patriotic Strides."

Patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland. This attachment, also known as national feeling or national pride, can be viewed in terms of different features relating to one's own nation, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects.

Hence, Patriotic Strides are steps taken by an individual or group for the good of the country and it's people. For 2015 our top 7 Patriotic Strides have been drown from activities of the year and individual's who played major role via their action or in action to ensure a peaceful and better Nigeria. Read them below after the cut........

1. Former President Goodluck Jonathan is our number one on this year's top patriotic strides. He earned it for his role in the 2015 Presidential election. It is popularly said defeat brought the former president fame. He became famous with an infamous call which he pulled through to his opponent after it became obvious that he had lost his comeback bid to now President Buhari. The world waited for his next step and we are glad he made it a "Patriotic Stride." An act that have culminated to peace in the country and have earned him an honorable title of global "Peace Ambassador." He is quoted to have said "His ambition is not worth the blood of anyone." Those who allegedly carried arms to his defense dropped their battle weapon. It is believed his conceding defeat, played a major role in overturning US prediction of Nigeria disintegrating in 2015. He has since then won several awards for this action and here is another one to his laurel.
2. President Mohammed Buhari is number two. When Sai Baba stepped into the scene as a presidential candidate for the fourth time after loosing three previous trial, he was seen as a sort of messiah needed to savage a falling Nigeria. Jonathan's transformation agenda was a no match for his change matrix. For the first time in history an incumbent President lost the seat to a strong opponent, giving birth to a new era in Nigeria's democracy. His strong campaign promises and political savoir has nothing to do with his placement here. His patriotic strides came to our notice with two major events, a line from his Presidential Inaugural speech- " I am for everybody and I am for no body." Analyst have done both justice and injustice to that statement, but we perceive it is the most patriotic statement ever made by an incoming president. The true meat of that statement is seen to be that, in his tenure as a President, his government will fight for the good of every Nigerian and the national cake will indeed not just be for his political, religious or ethnic cronies. 2. His stand against corruption even though many, especially opponents see it as selective, has helped the country in regaining some of it's cash. Since he was sworn in as President a huge amount of public funds is said to have been returned to the country's account, politicians, business men and civilians are threading more carefully.  We are in a new era where stealing is now corruption and looting more than ever before is been curbed. He is quoted to have said, "Anti-corruption war is non-negotiable," "Don't beg me, looters must face the law."
Our hopes have been renewed and I enjoin all Nigerians to be patient with President Buhari as it's too early to make judgments and also too late to distrust his ability to deliver on his campaign promises and change agenda.The votes have been counted, he remains our president till 2019 so let's give him the needed support. I believe in no time from now, he will deliver on his change promises and Nigeria will be great again. The Patriotic Stride team commend him for his effort so far.

3. The Nigerian Army - #ThankASoldier recently was a trend on social media. They have fought tirelessly day and night to ensure the safety of lives and properties. They are in the very forefront of the war against boko haram insurgency, and with their blood, they pay the price for our nation's peace. Today on my blog, we stand up for the Nigerian Army as a security institution worth a place in the Patriotic Strides of 2015. 
Countless number of soldiers have been killed, many injured, many are denied the comfort of their homes and families as they make their abode in the battle field. These they do, on low income, inadequate arms, yet they will not turn their back on the foe. 
For reclaiming lost territories, recapturing captives from boko haram, For every terrorist killed, For invading dreadful sambisa forest, For disrupting 14 female bombers from reaching their targets, For every bomb blast averted, For keeping insurgency from getting to our door front, For fighting every extremist group, for the victory so far and for the peace they help us to attain, they stand at our number three top patriotic stride of 2015. Our prayers and support is with them. December or not, the battle against the extremist will be won soonest. #ThankASoldierDaily.

Four more top Patriotic Strides will be published tomorrow. Together we can make a difference. Be an #Naijapatriot.

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