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#MustRead: Top 7 Patriotic Strides of 2015 in Nigeria.(2)

This is part two, part one of this article which featured the first three Patriotic Strides of 2015 was published yesterday. Read it HERE

Quoting from my previous post, Patriotism have remained an essential but scarce commodity in Nigeria. With Change on our mind and with the dire need to save our land from its colossal challenges, the demand for patriotic citizens is on the increase. Nigeria is in demand of Men and Women who will fight for a better and great Nigeria, a breed of people who will refuse to play partisan politics with every venture and embrace a new phenomenon called "Patriotic Strides."

Here we will be looking at the remaining four top Patriotic Strides of 2015. These are events and people whose action or in-action contributed in no small way in making a huge positive difference for the country in the cause of the very eventful and critical year, 2015. Continue......

4. Nigerians participation in 2015 elections
The fourth top Patriotic Stride of the year is an event, which involves  a good number of Nigerians. More than any previous elections recorded in the history of the country, Nigerians showed an un-equaled passion and resilience as they turned out en mass for the 2015 elections. This action have been commended by political analyst, stating that Nigerians are getting more aware and involved in electing those who govern us. Voters were seen voting even till midnight in some polling units. That level of involvement shows patriotism. The improved effort of a good number of Nigerians queuing up to get registered and eventually voting for their preferred candidate, is worth our commendation and have earned it a fourth place in our 2015 top Patriotic Strides. Like Sarah Palin said "When we vote for our country, we are fighting for the good of our country. Our vote is our arms." Congrats to all who voted in this year's general elections, directly or indirectly you had the country on your mind. 

5. Nigerians Stand Against Electoral Violence
It was on every Nigeria related social media platform, everyone said it #VotenotFight. This is another event in 2015 that garnered a good amount of positive energy from well meaning Nigerians. Nigerians showed up when Nigeria needed them the most. Nigeria as an entity was threatened to it's root. Men and women who couldn't stand been destroyed with the country flew themselves and loved ones abroad in search of a safe haven. Others ran to take refuge in their villages, hoping to find the needed safety when the killings start. But a good number of Nigerians stood and raised their voices against electoral violence. This led to the signing of a Peace Accord by key presidential candidates which aided immensely in combating the envisaged violence. "Our lives begins to end the day we keep quiet about things that matter" - Martin Luther Kings. 

A good number of Nigerians spoke up and took a stand against electoral violence, an action that deserves commendation and a place in the top Patriotic Strides of 2015.

6.Nation Builders&Activist - The sixth placed Patriotic Strides of 2015 goes to a group of people called, Nation Builders. These are men and women who put up events, articles, seminars, conferences and programmes with the sole aim of building the nation Nigeria and it's people. Any meaningful transformation or change begins from the mind. "We are what we think." This group of people include but not limited to Pat Utomi, Bobby Udoh, Japheth Omojuwa, Gani, Fela Durotoye, Linus Okorie and many more that I am yet to know and some I may never know but their contributions in 2015 is commended by the Patriotic Stride team. More Nigerians should join this group of men and women.

7.Police Service Commission "247.5 million Whistle Blower" Aaron Kaase.
This individual didn't make most headlines. He is an unknown face in some hidden location on the map of Nigeria, but his effort in exposing an alleged fraud in the PSC at the risk of loosing his job and even life is worth a place in the Patriotic Strides of 2015. He went through difficult times, suspended from his job, threat on his life, harassment, paid lawyers to defend himself in court, and when contacted, he said he'd always had a drive for a better Nigeria and is ready to give up anything for her. In an exclusive interview with Aaron he said,  "The fight against corruption is not just for the President or Governors, it is a fight for all Nigerians. Death is inevitable for all, so we should not as a result of fear keep quiet in the face of impunity. We must rise up to fight corruption collectively. Whatever responsibility we have as citizens, we must do it well for our children and for a better country."

Aaron Kaase is a rare breed of Nigerian, a role model to many and a Nigerian patriot who will turn back at nothing to see a new and in-corrupt Nigeria emerge. Read my exclusive interview with Aaron HERE.

The call for  a better country is on our shoulders, those who won't drop the burden are our heroes and must be commended. Congrats to everyone who featured directly or indirectly on top Patriotic Strides of 2015. You are  #NaijaHero. Keep up the good work and God bless your effort.

From the Stable of Patriotic Strides with Mercy Ebute - Raising Patriotic Nigerians for a better Nigeria. 

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