Friday, 4 December 2015

Nigerians campaign on Twitter - #NoToSocialMediaBill

Nigerians took to the tweets Thursday morning to oppose a Bill in the Nigerian Senate which, if passed, it is feared, could mean an end to free speech on social media. The controversial bill titled “An Act to Prohibit Frivolous Petitions and Other Related Matters” was proposed by Deputy Senate leader Ibn Na’Allah (APC) of Kebbi South, and has already passed second reading in the Senate. 

It aims to keep petitioners against people, institutions or the government accountable by forestalling the possibility for mischief or defamation, requiring the petitioner to file an official affidavit certifying to truth of the statements in court. The bill suggests a 2 year and/or up to 4 years prison term as penalty for petitioners (whether in print, text or online) who do not meet the requirement or are found to have put out petitions with frivolous or mischievous intent . 

Read some reactions after the cut...... #NoToSocialMediaBill

JJ. Omojuwa ‏@Omojuwa
Everyone who values his or her right must express a resounding #NoToSocialMediaBill.

Adimuchinobi VC. C ‏@krativeprecinct
#NoToSocialMediaBill They shouted ‘Change’, ‘Sai Baba’, now Sai Baba is giving them change and they say no. #YesTosocialmediaBill. Change must come.

Nnaemeka Ezeribe ‏@utuakpa
You made lying your stock in trade and propaganda your strong tool but now you want it stopped? Wake up, please. #NoToSocialMediaBill.

Rogers ‏@Gwariboy
Funny how some youths don’t see the ill in what NASS is trying to do, when you don’t have a voice you have nothing. #NoToSocialMediaBill.

Citizen Watchdog ‏@Brinel01
PMB is too dull to learn from his past. Remember how your disregard for rule of Law shortened your tenure #NoToSocialMediaBill.

#5NightOfGlory2016 ‏@chichriso
SaharaReporters lies against @benmurraybruce shows that they are working for somebody. #NoToSocialMediaBill.

ayodeji oluwafemi ‏@Messi_less
Of all the problems the country is facing, some idiots thought our tweets were the biggest. #NoToSocialMediaBill.

Henry M. Oyedeji ‏@IamHMO
This is what happened when we vote illiterates, semi-illiterates, drug barons into legislative arm of government #NoToSocialMediaBill.

Tega ‏@tega_ajise
APC, senators, house representatives, both APC/PDP Presidency. Please leave the voice of Nigerians alone #NotoSocialMediabill

Bn2 murphy ‏@Bn2murphy
The senators forget that we have the power. Freedom #NoToSocialMediaBill

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