Wednesday, 30 December 2015

#Presidentialmediachat: Notable quotes from Buhari

“I cannot see the #NASS spending N45billion to buy cars on top of the transport allowance they collect”

We have documents showing that Nigerian crude oil was diverted and proceeds from the oil were diverted to private individuals

The cost of petrol is so low, you don’t have to subsidize it

You can not manage the country if you can not secure it

445000 BPD can be refined at home to meet 60% of our requirement and the other 40% via swap

When I say the war has been technically won, I meant their capacity to carry out conventional attack has weakened

We have stopped 43 items from being imported including toothpicks

I personally do not support the devaluation of the Naira

No reliable intelligence on the location and state of the Chibok girls.

“We may have to send the young unemployed youth seeking N5k fee to farm to earn the money”
“When my VP is quoted, how can I come here and disown it ”

“The standard of tertiary institutions is really poor, I don’t want students sitting on windows to take lectures

“If you know the atrocities committed by the people granted bail then you’d understand”

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