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Quick Reminder: 15 Ways To Be The Change You Want To See In Nigeria.

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I picked up my favorite quote in the world and have made it my blog slogan. It's a quote by Mahatma Gandhi - "Be The Change You Want To See In The World." I have added a little twist to that and have highlighted 15 ways to be the change you want to see in Nigeria. Published them on this blog, and it's being my major drive for 2015. As the year ends, thought to do a reminder so we could all be inspired to be a better citizen as we step into the new year. Read them after the cut.....:

1. Daily thank God for Nigeria- As simple as it sounds, how many Nigerians wake up everyday and say thank you God for my home- Nigeria. As bad as Nigeria seems, it still provide a space on this universe where you call your Nation. #ProudToBeANigeria. 

2. Pray for Nigeria- The worst situation, can change under the power of prayer. I, particularly believe, Nigeria have survived the worse of leadership and circumstance by the making of the many Nigerians who went on their knees in their homes, churches, mosques, communities and prayed for her . #HaveYouPrayedForNigeriaToday 
3. Believe in Nigeria-
Have you ever heard 'If you want to succeed, you have to believe in yourself', in same manner believe in Nigeria. Don't check out of the country in defeat, like Martin Luther King, believe in the new Nigeria Dream and we will all see it. #YesWeCan.
4. Respect Nigerians- From our family members, to our colleagues, to our staff, to our customers, to even the beggars on the street, you will be creating a lot of positive energy if we just show some respect for one another. #ProudToBeANigeria. 
5. Keep Nigeria Clean: By refusing to throw trash carelessly and advocating for same in little ways, we have gone ahead to #BeTheChange.
6. Keep the Road Signs: When there is a traffic jam, join the queue and patiently wait for your turn and don’t form 10 lanes on a 2 lane road. That way, the traffic will move smoother. Adhering to this advocacy will definitely bring great change on our roads and to Nigeria as a whole. One key ingredient of a developed Nation is seen in a clean and organized road system. #Drivewell #BeTheChange.
7. Stop the Abuse: Anne Frank was right when she said: “The common man is every bit as guilty, otherwise, people and nations would have rebelled long ago.” The little wrong we do in our homes offices, market places and on the street, can seldom be differentiated from bribery, corruption and bad governance, should any difference exist, it will be location. I can boldly say, if you are not faithful in little matters, you will definitely smash all the rules in bigger issues. Don't abuse, engage for a positive society.
8. Be Early, Be Effective:  “It is a truism that no nation develops beyond the capacity of its public servants and the services they provide to our nation are both below expectations.” It will be a massive revolution in Nigeria, if civil servants are known for going to work early, staying on their jobs and been productive no matter their level or position.  #BeTheChange.
9.Become a reading Nigerian:
It is popularly said that, “If you want to hide something from a Nigerian, keep it in a book.” It sounds so funny but how true. Knowledge, they say is power and Ignorance they say kills. If you say Education is expensive, try Ignorance. While Education cost you only your time and cash, it will deliver much more to you. Ignorance will cost you, your life and essence on earth and it delivers no dividend. Don’t just go to school, study, don’t just study, think and don’t just think, act.
Let’s correct that notion by the white man, who came up with hiding stuff from Nigerians in a book thing. Let’s unravel every mystery and show the world that Nigerians are the most innovative, creative and productive people in the world. #Study4Change.
10.Strive to keep your social conscience awake: 
I got this point from one of the most powerful women who have lived on the face of this earth, Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt, one time American first lady in the 1930s, refused to limit her roles to ceremonial duties; she immersed herself in the great issues of the day. Although she was born into privilege, she spent her life trying to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world. We all should daily live with that consciousness. The consciousness that I am socially responsible for the welfare of Nigerians. Yes, it sounds too huge to say “the welfare of Nigerians” but when we show love and care to one Nigerian everyday, you will be amazed how much positive impact we will be making.  #BeTheChange.
11.  Be Nationalistic: Been Nationalistic is having strong feelings of love for and pride in your country, so that you think that it is better than any other. No one else will sing the praises of our Nation, we can’t expect South Africans or Brazilians to carry our flags, sing our anthems, play our matches, celebrate our independence, tweet great stuff, treat Nigerians well and speak positive of Nigeria, do we? Nigerians must take pride in this Nation and accord her the accolades we desire to be conferred by other Nations. Believe in the New Nigeria dream, advocate for her good, do right and be right in our homes, offices and on the streets, treasure this land and we will reap of its great treasure anon. We all love those who value us and hang around those who celebrate us. Let’s do same for our country, let’s value her and celebrate her. Nigeria is what Nigerians see it to be and show it to be. Like the slogan “Good people, Great Nation,” we must uphold this Nation with pride and sell Nigeria as a great brand in the community of Nations. #IAmProudToBeNigerian.
12.Be A Voice: Evil thrives when good people keep quiet. Haile Selassie's quote as seen beside said, it is the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph. #BeAVoice is actually a programme on my blog and I had my first edition when a good number of Nigerians via my Facebook page spoke against electoral violence. #BeAVoice4Change will be up soon. Great men like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller etc were people who made a difference by speaking up for a good course for their country. If a good number of Nigerians refuse to keep quiet and speak up for our right to good governance and adequate social infrastructure, we sure can make a difference. #BeAVoice.

  13. Engage: – The definition of engagement that fits here, is being involved with something in an attempt to understand them. We can never fully understand the peculiar issues of our Nation and find solutions if we stand aloof. We must find ways of getting involved in various programme, politics and industries with the aim of having an all-inclusive agenda that instigate growth and development. Politics, NGOs, Community development, been the change you want to see in Nigeria is a course we must all run for the betterment of our lives and society. I end this point with this quote, “Don’t ask what your Nation will do for you, ask instead, what you can do for your Nation.”
14. Buy Nigerian: Nigeria is accused of being a highly consuming Nation and very low in productivity. While there is nothing wrong is consuming, everything is definitely wrong with zero or low productivity. It is also a truism that our consumption of imported goods is colossal while our patronage of made in Nigeria goods is epidemic. In the pursuance of bettering our economy and increasing our productivity as a Nation, the Olusegun Obasanjo presidential administration banned the importation of a myriad of foreign goods. In his statement, while appealing to Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to patronize locally, made goods, President Obasanjo noted that "charity, they say, begins at home. If you do not buy your own goods, how do you convince others that they are of high quality? As someone who patronizes made in Nigeria goods with pride, I can publicly attest to the fact that they are just as good, if not better than imported variants."
15. Have A Dream To Make Nigeria Great: Lack of visionary leadership many have said, accounts for the broken-down state of the Nation. Nigeria politicians and recent past leaders have led us with little or no vision for the country. The bible rightly says, write down the vision and make it plain for the people to run with. Vision, not some points agenda that always end up pointless. My focus is not just on leaders but on every Nigerian to become visionary, not just for their ambitions but for Nigeria. Our ultimate goal for success should be for positive impact. Your success has a vital role to play in Nation building. President Jonathan largely said, he never dreamt of becoming a President, could that answer for why he seemed overwhelmed by the position? You must dream to become great in order to make Nigeria great. Have dreams of what you will do when you become president of Nigeria, don’t leave it to happenstance and politics. Have a dream for Nigeria, pursue it. 

 This is the final point of #15waysToBeTheChangeYouWantToSeeInNigeria and it is very key. The moment we become visionless as a result of our inabilities to dream, pursue and succeed, chaos is inevitable. Involvement in crime and other social vices becomes the option for survival. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, the man who uses unemployment as a reason for staying idle will definitely get the devil to be his or her boss. We were all given a talent by our creator; we were sufficiently endowed with creative abilities for job creation. The best set of people who will make a difference and be the change they want to see are those who have a dream not just to be great, but to make Nigeria great. Success is not an end but a means to an end, and the ultimate end of every success must be geared towards bettering our society. “You are a successful failure, when your success does not better your society/nation.” Just quoted myself. I end with this, dream to be great with the aim of making Nigeria great.

 It's our collective responsibility to #FixNigeria.

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