Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Italian Police nearly got show promoter arrested because they thought we were toddlers not adults - Aki&Pawpaw

Aki and Paw Paw might be well known in Nigeria and of course known as adults, but outside the country the story is not the same. The duo recalled when they had a show in Italy and the show’s promoter had come to the airport to pick them with Julius Agwu. On their way to the hotel, they were stopped by Italian policemen who threatened to arrest the show promoter for carrying babies without their car seats. According to them, every explanation fell on deaf ears that they were adults and not toddlers, but when the policemen would not believe them, they were forced to present their international passports to clarify the issue.

Aki said, Julius has been using the incident to entertain people ever since then, but a lot of people always think he made it up.


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