Thursday, 10 December 2015

Top 10 topics on Facebook this year revealed the world had a gloomy year.

If it seems like 2015 was a sad, disturbing year, Facebook agrees. Or rather, its 1.6 billion users agree.
Facebook’s annual list of the most discussed topics among its users skews to the dark side for 2015. In a break with previous years, none of the top 10 topics involved a sports event, celebrity baby or feel-good moment. War, natural disasters, racial tension and contentious politics dominate the list. Here are the top 10 topics of discussion on Facebook in 2015: Check out the gloomy list after the cut...........

1. U.S. presidential election

2. Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris

3. Syrian civil war and refugee crisis

4. Nepal earthquake in April

5. Greek debt crisis

6. Marriage equality (related to the Supreme Court decision in June upholding the legality of gay marriage)

7. Fight against ISIS

8. Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris on Jan. 7

9. Baltimore police protests

10. Charleston, S.C., shooting and Confederate flag debate

Just one of those topics can be construed as a positive or uplifting event: the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision (and even then, only for people who agree with it). In prior years, Facebook’s annual top 10 list has been lighter and cheerier. The 2014 list, for instance, included the Super Bowl, World Cup, and Winter Olympics, along with the “ice bucket challenge” meant to raise money for the disease ALS through the humorous and creative dumping of frigid water on celebrities and many others.

The 2013 list included the Harlem Shake dance fad, William and Kate’s royal baby, and the Tour de France. In 2012,the list included the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and Facebook’s own public stock offering.

There were no planned mega events such as the Olympics or World Cup in 2015, which left more room for geopolitical gloom among the top 10. Still, the gruesome rise of ISIS (aka the Islamic State), horrific terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States, and strained relations between cops and inner-city residents in many cities clearly have Americans in a glum mood. After a brief burst of optimism early in the year, the percentage of Americans saying the country is on the wrong track rose for most of 2015, despite an improving job market and declining unemployment rate.

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