Thursday, 17 December 2015

UN Human Development Index list 20Best Countries in the world to live.

Tying with New Zealand, Canada also has a final score of 0.913. Its life expectancy at birth average is 82 years, while its gross national income (GNI) per capita is $42,155.  

The United Nations have just released its 2015 Human Development Index, which measure countries in three basic areas: Life expectancy, Education and Income/Standard of living.

"This new global Human Development Report is an urgent call to tackle one of the world's great development challenges -- providing enough decent work and livelihoods for all," said Helen Clark, United Nations Development Program Administrator, during the launch of this year's report.

"The world of work is changing more rapidly than ever before. The question is: what are the best policy responses to ensure that human development benefits from that change?" See list after the cut........

Human Development Index top 20

1. Norway

2. Australia

3. Switzerland

4. Denmark

5. Netherlands

6. Germany

6. Ireland

8. United States

9. Canada

9. New Zealand

11. Singapore

12. Hong Kong, China (SAR)

13. Liechtenstein

14. Sweden

14. United Kingdom

16. Iceland

17. South Korea

18. Israel

19. Luxembourg

20. Japan

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