Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What Chris Brown and Scott Disick have in common + they are now sobriety partners.

Chris Brown and Scott Disick have been hanging out, but they claim they've actually become each other's support system. They are now partners, helping each other to stay sober.

We're told the 2 have become fast friends and have bonded over water ... and lots of it. Scott and Chris both insist that's all they drank when they went clubbing together a few days back at 1OAK.

They actually have a lot in common. Both of their baby mamas have called them out for drugs and/or booze and have threatened to get a judge to yank access to the kids.

We're told Chris has pulled back in a big way since Mia Guzman put him under under the microscope, and Scott's faced the same issues with Kourtney. It sounds weird and maybe it's a pipe dream, but they both think each can help the other stay strong and sober.

There's a side benefit for Chris ... the more time he spends with Scott and his crew, the less time his has for gangbangers.

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