Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Davido and Babymama's Feud: Dele Momodu takes solace in Buhari's CHANGE Government.

"But under a CHANGE government we shall test the laws protecting the weak!,” Momodu said on Twitter."
The feud between 23 year old Nigerian singer David Adeleke aka Davido and Babymama Sophia Momodu, who is Dele Momodu's niece is been refueled and it seems only the law can bring it to an end.

Dele Momodu who have taken side with his niece to ensure she gets justice have in what look like an indirect response to the allegation by Davido that Sophia infected daughter, Imade with Cannabi, threatened that Nigerians will soon know the king of cannabis when the case is fully disclosed. Read Momodu's words and Davido's allegations after the cut....

The veteran journalist disclosed this in a tweet, hinting that he is not fighting anyone but oppression of his niece by the rich and powerful.

“Good morning Africa! Thanks to all the journalists calling to ask my side of the raging story but I can’t talk because lawyers are involved”.

“It is also pertinent to establish the rule of law rather than brigandage but we shall soon know the king of cannabis in Nigeria!”

“The rich and powerful always think they can get away with anything but under a CHANGE government we shall test the laws protecting the weak!,” Momodu posted on Twitter.

On Sunday, Davido rebuffed claims by his estranged lover, Sophia Momodu on the circumstances surrounding the removal of their daughter, Imade, from Sophia’s custody.

In a lengthy narrative issued, Adeleke alleged that Sophia had been in weekly contact with Imade up till last week and claimed that hospital authorities had sought to transfer the baby to officials of the Lagos State Children Welfare Authority on account of alleged drug use by Sophia.

Adeleke in his narrative said the hospital authorities recanted only after Sophia agreed to surrender the baby for care with him, saying his estranged lover had kept to the agreement until she recanted last week as she insisted on going along with the Adeleke family for the treatment and family vacation in Dubai.

Adeleke in the narrative poured invectives on the respected veteran journalist, Dele Momodu, who he accused of not taking care of his niece, Sophia, alleging that Mr. Momodu and his wife entered the scene as busybodies who he claimed did not bother about the welfare of their niece until she had a baby for him.

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