Friday, 8 January 2016

My wife is the only ideal woman for me - Gov. Fayose's lovely birthday message to his wife.

“She has distinguished herself as a role model. A person who believes in modesty and totally reserved.

“Her prayer life has made a difference and has impacted positively on me. Any woman that marries a man like me, who is generally seen to be fearless and courageous and who is vulnerable to attacks by political opponents, cannot afford not to have a woman with her sterling qualities as wife. Only a virtuous, Godly and resolute woman like her has what it takes to stand firm in the face of attacks.

“I appreciate her as she adds another year and also appreciate her care for our children. God has brought her to this kingdom at this auspicious time when many supposed men of honour have disappeared into the thin air.

“I want to assure her that her labour of love will not be in vain. She is a woman to emulate for her modesty and inspiring and fervent prayer life and only her can be an ideal wife for a man like me,” he said.
She turned 52 yesterday, happy birthday to her in arrears.

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