Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Bomb explosion hit Benin city, houses destroyed.

There was pandemonium in Benin, yesterday, as an explosion destroyed about five houses in Sakponba area of Edo State capital city. Benin City

Residents of Zomi Zomi Street in Upper Sakpoba Road ran for safety when they heard the loud noise that came with the explosion at about 3p.m., as many claimed that Boko Haram insurgents had invaded the city.

A police source at the scene informed Vanguard: “We learned that the bungalow where the bomb detonated was being used as a hide out for kidnappers some months ago. But a combined unit of soldiers and police invaded the place and arrested the suspects.

“So recently, somebody hired the building and just this afternoon, decided to burn refuse in the compound. He set the refuse on fire and went out to buy something.

“Immediately he left, the bomb exploded. He was not aware that the kidnappers, who once used the house, had left some bombs behind.”

At press time, bomb disposal experts from the Edo State Police Command have cordoned off the building, trying to ascertain if more bombs were still inside.

The tenant, who resides in the building, was taken away while one woman, said to have sustained deep cuts, was rushed to the hospital.

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