Monday, 1 February 2016

#MustRead: A delicious reason to love Nigeria.

The way to a man's heart is his stomach and I am sure most people salivated to this page with the sumptuous and delicious picture of egusi soup and pounded yam shown above. Before you sit at the table to do justice to this delicious Nigeria delicacy, let's do some thinking; would I be right to say "If there was no Nigeria there won't be Nigeria delicacies," right or wrong? With your love for Nigeria meals should be your love for Nigeria. Yes, It's more than a meal talk, it's about the mother who cooked the meal, our Motherland, Nigeria.

This is a deliberate attempt to wet your appetite a bit for Nigeria. A detour from the series of headlines that have left nothing promising for a better country. A walk away from selfish political talks and unchanged brokers of change. The question I am asking is where are the changes that will bring us change? Let me not dabble into political analysis, read the delicious reason to love Nigeria after the cut........

You would think the delicious reason to love Nigeria is it's many delicious delicacies right? It's a good reason to love Nigeria, but like I said it's more than a meal talk. It's about wetting our appetite to love Nigeria more than we love it's delicacies and it's wealth, because Nigeria is the mother of it's natural resources that have brought us the meal and the wealth. So the delicious reason to love Nigeria is because Nigeria is our motherland. 

Though Nigeria has been unfortunate with man-made disasters and adversities, Mother Nature has been good to us. Most people are grateful for the fact that Nigeria is free from natural disasters such as Tsunamis and earthquakes. We’ve not had cases of Earth Quakes, Tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. We are endowed with all sort of natural resources with nil or minimal natural disaster. Most of our problems are man made and we must love motherland enough to come up with man made solutions to this problems. 

Hope you enjoyed the meal, and you are inspired to love our motherland, Nigeria. Today, remember to be the change you want to see in Nigeria. Drive well, don't throw trash on the street, don't give or take bribe, pay your bills, pray for Nigeria and thank God for Nigeria.

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