Wednesday, 24 February 2016

MustRead: Stop Blaming Buhari, Lets Help Him.

I'm still wondering why so many Nigerians are too quick to blame the government on every thing that happens in Nigeria since APC assumed the presidential seat. We tend to turn everything into politics maiming and criticising our governments. 

Imagine, recently, I got an update from Sahara Reporters on my news feed that 13 indigens of Edo state with fake international passports were nabbed at Kano on their way to Libya; probably travelling to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Latvia or any other country at the brink of North Africa. 

I took a little time to read through the antecedents comments only to see people blaming APC on how hard they have made Nigeria become which had propelled people to look for a greener pasture elsewhere. 

Then it caught my attention, why must we always attribute every Nigeria unwholesome conditions to APC? Was it after the inception of APC that people began travelling outside the shore of Nigeria aiming to look for a greener pasture?

As far as I know, and history remains relevant, people began travelling outside the country even before Chinua Achebe was born. Then, we( they) never blamed Sir Frederick Lord Lugard and his self-acclaimed amiable wife, Lady Flora Shaw with their contingents who saw to the mess Nigerians are in for themselves now?

Nigerians should learn to maintain a positive outlook even when everything all seemed to be heading north. Every nation has its ups and downs. This is our own turn, so let's face it squarely. The overhyped China we all know and hear about today were once worse than Nigeria both politically, economically , corruption, terrorism , bad governance etcetera. 

It was through the help of a God sent technocrats that they got savaged and everything turned around within a matter of some few years. What about Singapore? Have you pressed to find out how they got recuperated from the shackles of bad governance hence boosted their economy to an enviable height? 

I recalled vividly nine years back or thereabouts when there was a Global Economic Melt-down , then we Nigeria never witnessed the Economic crunches cos our own economy was thriving on its optimal performance. We were all happily enjoying the excesses we have on our foreign Reserve till when everything almost got exhausted. Nobody had ever known that things will turn out this way. 

Let's stop blaming our government, let's see to an alternative means of fixing Nigeria rather than lampooning whoever that is saddled with the responsibility of carrying our fragile nation to the promise land.

Article from Nairaland

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