Wednesday, 24 February 2016

#SaveAgatufromFulaniNow: A very touching appeal to save the Agatu people.

My friend, Comrade Apeh PeterHot wrote a very touching appeal on Idoma (Achola adam) facebook page, calling on appropriate quarter's intervention in the Agatu clash with Fulanis that have long claimed so many lives. As I write this, the war is on and lots of lives and properties are being destroyed. This is lending my voice to the call to save Agatu people. Read his appeal below: 

On The Agatu Crisis... The mini war going on in Agatu has reached another perilous stage since we seems to be a bit careless about it.

I got a reliable information this morning from someone at the war front and he said this "The Fulanis came forcefully and numerously. They razed Akwu and took camp at Okokolo. They entered Ayila yesternight. Our boys are about engaging them right now. They are killing anything they see, including animals, but we've been able to mobilize and we are going to engage them now. Let us die in place of our wives, mothers and kids. We are men and maybe this is how God want us to end."

It is dangerous and quite unfortunate that Governor Samuel Ortom is towing same line with his predecessor, Gabriel Suswam, who ignored these poor people to die incessantly in the hands of these Fulani terrorists.

Let me use this medium to call on the good political leaders and elites fromIdoma land, our Idoma representatives at the State and National Assemblies, to prevail on the needed authorities to come to our aid.

As we write/read, someone in Agatu is taking his last breath. Please share if you care.

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