Friday, 5 February 2016

Woman suspects a man keeps raping her goats, calls the police

Police are investigating an 'elusive goat rapist ' after a woman claims her animals are being assaulted.

Sharon Cruz-Pecina is convinced a man is returning to her property to have sex with her three pets and is calling for cops to arrest him. She says she bought the goats five years ago because her husband is lactose intolerant but is not affected by goat milk.

Sharon, from Caryville, Florida, told local TV news station WJHG that she believes the man has been sexually assaulting her pets since last summer.

"He's been attacking them and raping them. "I'm not jumping to conclusions."Last April, Sharon was housing her goats about a mile away from her home when a neighbour spotted and identified a man lingering in the area.

Sharon said that same man was charged in 2014 with engaging in sexual activity with an animal.

"There is numerous people within the mile, two miles of this guy's home who've had problems of him attacking their goats," she said to the news channel.She also has photographic evidence the goats have been assaulted.

"I have had the officers out here a few times. I didn't call again because I don't think they are taking me seriously," she explained.Sharon said she has tried to catch the suspect herself and has even had her animals tested and is waiting on the DNA results.

"We have been trying to catch him on video but he seems very elusive," she explained.
Sharon hopes the sheriff's department catches the suspect before he does more damage.

"He's not normal. He needs help and the law needs to arrest him," she said, "And get him the help he needs."She added: "Please leave my goats alone, please repent, please turn yourself in."
Washington County Sheriff's Office confirmed to local media an investigation is under way.

A spokesman told NewsChannel7: "Washington County Sheriff's office has received a complaint from Ms. Sharon Anne Cruz-Pecina.

"This is an open case at this time. "We are investigating this case as diligently and as thoroughly as we would any criminal investigation."In Florida, a bill making sex with an animal a felony failed in 2008.
Lawmakers finally passed a bill making it a misdemeanour in 2011, but it took them at least three tries to make it law.

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