Tuesday, 15 March 2016

5,000 Exportable Products Are Available In Nigeria.

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A major agricultural exporter, Olufemi Boyede, has said it is high time the nation began to explore the over 5000 exportable products in the country.

He made this statement while announcing a one-day workshop on non-oil export fixed for next week.

For Boyede, he is quick to suggest that the Federal Government’s quest to diversify the economy can be achieved if government creates the enabling environment.
He said, “The 5000 products I am talking about is not my invention. It is the result of a research carried out by Nigeria Export Promotion Council about 10 years ago.”

Boyede said if solid mineral is given the needed attention, it could solely replace oil as Nigeria’s foreign exchange earner, adding that if the service industry in Nigeria is adequately explored, it will bring huge potential for the global market

Speaking further, he said the NEPC recently, under its new ‘Zero Oil Plan’, had listed 21 products that could take over the role of crude oil as Nigeria’s major revenue earner.

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