Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Arik combines Lagos, Kaduna, Jos flights

Yet another tale in Arik's long list of incompetences as the airline throws passengers going to three different states on the same flight.

Just a few days ago, passengers complained about Arik Air's incompetence, and passengers still flying Arik, your woes are far from over as the airline still doesn't care about being competent.

Passengers travelling to Lagos, Jos and Kaduna were all lumped on the same flight with no care for any inconveniences it might cause them.

The plane took off from Lagos and the destination was supposed to be Jos but instead, the plane landed in Kaduna to pick up Lagos bound passengers who had been waiting for about four hours before eventually dropping off the Jos passengers who had taken off in Lagos.

Of course tensions were high and tempers flared as the Passengers were all disgruntled. Passengers from Kaduna were very upset to learn that their next stop was Jos, not Lagos.

This was reported on yesterday and I thought it should be reiterated. More people need to read this. Regulatory bodies should look into these complaint of Arik incompetence before it gets too late.

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