Monday, 7 March 2016

Fight Against Corruption: China punished 300,000 officials in 2015.

Fight against corruption is a global concern and a look at what's like in other countries is an invaluable information for Nigeria and the government of the day, who have made fight against corruption one of it's key agenda during it's four year tenure. A look at foreign anti corruption practices will also aid with measures that can be taken to help clamp down on the economy developmental beast in the country. China released the number of punished officials for corruption as 300,000. China's ruling Communist Party says it punished nearly 300,000 officials last year for corruption.

Some 200,000 officials were given what was called "light punishment", while more severe penalties were taken against a further 80,000.

President Xi Jinping has made a campaign against corruption a centrepiece of his governing agenda.

Many high-profile political figures have been jailed after being caught up in the net.

There are almost daily reports in the state media of officials being investigated or punished over allegations of bribery, abuse of power or other corrupt practices.

The reporting body - the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection - rarely explains its methodology or what evidence it considers, and no other details were given in its brief statement about the punishments.

The number of those caught in 2015 was released during China's annual parliamentary session.

BBC China analyst Michael Bristow says this was no doubt a reminder to delegates gathered in Beijing that the Communist Party will continue pursuing corrupt officials.

Some observers see the anti-corruption campaign as a way for the Party to rein in officials seeing as becoming too influential, or of pursuing personal vendettas.

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