Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Pride Of Citizenship in Effecting A Change - #ProudlyNigerian.

Looking back to colonial days, the 'whites' were like demi gods who were to be feared and respected and the 'blacks' were their slaves. They assumed the class of super beings over us in several ways and some even said God was in a better mood when He created the whites, Lol. Pre-colonial, 54 years later and that perverted view is yet to be totally erased. 

Accepted, they are way ahead of us in modernization and are classed developed nations, a class we all can attain in time. They are as human as we are and we must place greater value on ourselves. This is not a black white equality campaign, it's all about Celebrating our uniqueness as Nigerians. An attempt, to build character, citizenship and confidence. 

As we forge ahead to make the Nigerian brand the best, we need to place the best value on ourselves, respect our culture, harness our creative potentials and abide by the rule of law. In so doing, we need not be ashamed but proud to pull out our green passport, wherever we are, and show the world, we are #ProudToBeANigerians. 

#15WaysToBeTheChangeYouWantToSeeInNigeria - No. 4 - Be Proudly Nigerian. More on this soon.......

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