Tuesday, 19 April 2016

60 year old man in JSS2 gets support from Ijaws in diaspora.

Ijaw Community in the United States of America, USA, has pledged assistance to Mr. Adelabu Seribor, a 60-year-old Junior Secondary School (JSS) 2 student of Izon College, Bomadi-Overside in Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State. 

Mr. Seribor’s educational pursuit in Izon College was made public a fortnight ago. To verify the story, the Ijaw community in the United States of America last week sent a delegation to the school. During the fact finding visit, the 60-year-old JSS 2 student, Seribor and the principal of the school’s contacts were taken and forwarded to the leadership of the Ijaw community in the United States. 

Ijaw in the Diaspora laud Niger Delta Voice In a telephone chat, a leader of the Ijaw community in the USA, Dr David Ogula, thanked Niger Delta Voice, for bringing to the public domain the story of one of their own (Pa Seribor) from the back waters of the delta who in spite of his old age chose to return to school to acquire education. Ogula said: “it is a pleasure speaking with you. I wish to thank you personally for telling Adelabu Seribor’s story. “His commitment to pursue his educational goal is an inspiration to all of us, regardless of age. We will do all we can to support him achieve his goal.” 

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