Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A must read: Yes We Can, A new Mind Set For Change Nigeria.

It's a break of a New Nigeria. I look through my eyes of faith and I know Nigeria will cross over all her trouble into her promised land of peace, prosperity and justice for all. However, in this era of change, we all have a role to play.

Are you are an Activist, a Politician, a Civilian, a Blogger , a Media house, a voice on social media, are you a Nigerian? Then one attribute we must all embrace at this time is the power of a dream. The ability to see beyond our present circumstance and believe even in the face of contrary evidence that Nigeria will rise again! Nigeria will not just rise above her problems but She will rise as the Giant of Africa and a force to be reckoned with in the world's economy. Yes we can! Continue

We need a Yes We Can mindset. Yes we can have politicians who will put up a fight, a fight not of blows, beats or for ‘National cake’ but a fight for Justice, Peace, Freedom and for the right of the very people who elected them.

Yes we can have a New Nigeria! Where lives and properties are protected not destroyed by daily insurgency that leaves us with the fear of a non-existing Nation if God does not intervene. But a Nigeria that is secured and can gainfully employ its citizen is what I see.

Yes we can have Nigeria that is peaceful, posing no threat on it’s citizen’s life, a Nigeria so beautiful to behold, so rich to stand its ground in the world’s economy and truly independent from all foreign aids and debt. 

Yes we can have a Nigeria where it is no longer African to be sick, hungry and impoverished. Where we all don’t have to talk too much to be heard, but do so much to be felt. Where the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain as we all stand to build a Nation where peace and justice reign.

Yes we can work with this government of Change, to raise politicians who are credible and can serve the best not settle the most. Politicians who will at least attempt to wipe our tears and bring to reality the New Nigeria dream. Yes we can, let’s rise up in faith, stand together in unity and uphold the noble cause of our dear Nation.

Refuse to be on the fence it’s not a safe place. Be a voice and contribute in whatever way you can to the New Nigeria dream! 

Let’s forgive past offences, stop the blame game and the fight that have ensued on all platforms – Social media, politics, and even on our streets and unite as a Nation. Like Mandela let’s come out of the prison of slavery and take ownership of the New Nigeria dream, let’s work together in love for our dear Country. That’s my call to all Nigerians. A call to be audacious in hope, desperate for change and act in faith. We should all make the difference, from the President to the Peasant on the street. 

And again as I sign out , I must say I believe in the New Nigeria of my dream. By and by I will see it, you will too, and oh the joy that will be ours at the break of a new dawn, the break of a New Nigeria!

Together we can make it happen! Be a YES WE CAN Nigerian with a positive mindset. #ChangeIsHere #YesWeCan

God bless you and God bless our country Nigeria!

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