Monday, 18 April 2016

Hungry Fleeing Boko Haram Gunmen Now Hide On Trees – Army

Boko Haram 7

Yesterday troops of the Nigeria Army, in Borno State, carried out a major raid in some recently identified hideouts of Boko Haram insurgents where they discovered how the starving insurgents now live and feed on trees tops.

During the raids which took place in Biggoro, Tarpaya and Auru, all located in Bama local government area, soldiers engaged the insurgents who were firing from the tree top observation post and killed two of them.

The raid, according to spokesman of the Nigeria Army, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, had also led to the recovery of 3 AK47 assault rifles, a cache of ammunition, two motorcycles and rescue of two minors held as captives.

“Today, Sunday 16th April 2016, troops of 7 Division Strike Group Team B and 22 Task Force Brigade conducted a simultaneous dawn raid on suspected Boko Haram terrorists hideouts at Biggoro, Warpaya and Aura, North of Kumshe in Bama Local Government Area”, said Colonel Usman.

“The essence of the operation was to stop the reported criminal activities of remnants of Boko Haram terrorists hiding in the three villages. This became necessary as previous efforts were futile. The suspected terrorists kept coming in search of food, water and shelter.

“The surprised dawn attack yielded positive result as the troops discovered well concealed observation posts on trees in the villages constructed by the terrorists to give them early warning of troops movement or approach. In addition the troops found out that the observation posts though tree tops, were constructed in such a manner with chairs and ropes to pull up foods and other needs by the sentry without necessarily coming down the trees.

“To also save for the rainy day, the terrorists had underground food storage facilities where they stocked large quantity of foodstuffs. The troops killed 2 Boko Haram terrorists and also recovered 3 AK-47 rifles, magazines and ammunitions. They also recovered 2 motorcycles from them. In addition they rescued 2 children from the terrorists.


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