Monday, 4 April 2016

Let's Play #TheGodBlessNigeriaChallenge(Details).

She called it a challenge but for me it's a delight to join a mass number of my country people to bless her. In blessing her, we will find our own peace and prosperity.

Find below the delightful challenge written by Pastor Mrs. Bolu Olutayo and it's trending on Was sap. It's a very viable appeal that should be adhered to by all Nigerians. A peaceful and prosperous Nigeria is possible and we all have a role to play. Read it below:

Dear GOD'S People:
Day by day from power outage, bad road condition to fuel scarcity; we are faced with almost everything and everyone speaking negatively about Nigeria.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue and if everything is speaking negatively, we can speak positivity into being.

I appeal to you, let's fill the airwaves, social media and everywhere with positive declarations and blessing over Nigeria. I humbly invite you to take #TheGodBlessNigeriaChallenge." It's simple.

For the next seven days, boldly declare one thing you desire of a better Nigeria on every social media platform, tag at least seven friends per day and urge them to take the challenge too.

Also make a deliberate conscious effort to say God bless Nigeria 7 times a day. When you spend long hours in traffic rather than complain just say #GodBlessNigeria.

When you think about the unstable economy, exchange rate, instability and all, just say #GodBlessNigeria.
When PHCN takes your light, just say #GodBlessNigeria

Whenever anyone comes to you to gist you or complain about anything concerning Nigeria, just say #GodBlessNigeria

When you hear all sorts about Nigeria on every media particularly those in diaspora, just declare #GodBlessNigeria.

I appeal to you help create a critical mass of people blessing Nigeria day in day out. Remember America became great because for centuries everyone kept declaring "God Bless America." Please use the following ash tag: #GodblessNigeria and #TheGBNChallenge for all your social media daily post. 

For example: I declare a corruption free Nigeria #GodBlessNigeria #TheGBNChallenge.

Please pass this on and let us all take the challenge

YOU ARE NIGERIA - #GodBlessNigeria.

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