Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My Kudos To @NigerianPolice- A case-study of a returned iPad.

It is said and I reiterate, "those who condemn must also commend."  This undoubtedly is a balance that is necessary for optimal performance for any person or group of persons.

The Nigerian police have endured a great deal of backlash from aggrieved Nigerians, some deserved you may say, following records of bribery, killings and ineffective operations that have trailed the image of Nigeria Police Force. 

However, to attain a balance with this, we must also commend these men and women who stand in the face of danger to ensure some level of protection of our lives and properties. There are several untold success stories of the achievements of these comrades, stories that will build our faith and support for them. Here is one told by a friend, whom the police helped to recover his iPad after weeks of lost. Continue......

He(name-withheld) packed his car at the airport while he made a trip to Lagos. In a rush to catch up with his flight, he forgot his prized iPad, not for the price but the content, the iPad had everything valuable to him. And guess what, he only realized he had left it on his passenger's car seat when he was abound the plane. Saddled by the thought, he felt like using a parachute or something supernatural to get him on land pick the iPad and fly back to the plane but it was only a super-superman fantasy.

Long story cut short, he returns from his trip only to realize that his gadget had gone on a longer trip to the land of 'Oh No" in the hands of bunglers who broke into his car. Disappointed and frustrated, he made some quick steps to the police post at the airport, laid his complaint, equipped them with necessary description of the missing iPad and sadly headed home, without his prized item.

The weeks rolled by and hope of recovering the item was almost lost, but a call from the police changed that hopeless feeling to an overflow of joy. The iPad was found, the real owner got it back, handshakes were made and I can only commend the Police force for this. 

Yes they sprung into action, had their eyes fixed for the described iPad and helped a Nigerian get back his property. I have tonnes of stories that allude to the success of the Police Force. The return of my sister's stolen car which was recovered after 24 hours of robbery, Lots of disputes have been resolved with a visit to the police (You all know Linda Ikeji and Wizkid online fight), okay Linda got respite with her visit to the police. They have intercepted series of robbery cases and helped curbed crime in various districts, communities and cities.

For this and many more success stories out there, I take out this time and page on my blog to say a big Thank You to @NigerianPoliceForce. Your stand as "Friend" to the people is largely misconstrued, but for many; you are a friend who have fought many battles for us. 

I charge Nigerians at all levels, to #CommendThePolice. Give them the needed motivation to be more patriotic in their service to Nigeria. I believe the future is bright for Nigerian Police Force and indeed for all Nigerians.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria. 

#NaijaTop10 featuring the Nigerian Police Force coming to you soon.........watchout!

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