Monday, 9 May 2016

10 Most Patriotic Countries in the World

Are Nigerians proud of Nigeria? Well, the world does not think so, as Nigeria is not featured among most patriotic nations of the world. Here is the listing of Forbe's top 10 most patriotic nations. 

Patriotism is measured in this study by how proud citizens are to live in their country and if they feel their country is superior or inferior to other countries.

10. Israel

The nation of Israel was formed in 1948. Since that time the country has been consumed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This conflict has further fueled Israeli patriotism.

9. Phillipines

The Philippines were originally a Spanish colony and then were given to The United States after The Spanish-American War. They had a long and difficult journey to independence, which they eventually received in 1946. Since then citizens have greatly valued their nation.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique mix of Polynesian and British influences. The country received independence from Britain in 1907 and still maintains good relations with its mother country despite its profound sense of patriotism.

7. Chile

Once part of the great Incan Empire, Chile was then colonized by the Spanish, from whom they sought independence. Chile eventually received independence in 1810 and has worked to achieve great progress as a country through political, social and economic reforms.

6. Canada

Canada was once a colony of England and since 1867 has been an independent country. The country takes great pride in their natural resources and their progressive politics.

5. Austria

After annexation by Nazi Germany in World War II, Austria sought to be forever known as a separate entity from Germany. In 1955 they declared independence and mandated that they never be unified with Germany. Austrians take great pride in their unique history and culture which differentiates them from the rest of Europe and Germany.

4. South Africa

Founded by the Dutch in 1652, South Africa is a vast source of wealth through its diamond and gold mines. After the Boer Wars, South Africa was ruled by both Britain and the Dutch. Much of South Africa’s pride stems from the leadership of Nelson Mandela, who brought South Africa out of the suppression of the Apartheid Era and into a world of peace and racial acceptance.

3. Australia

Australia is one of the most unique places on the planet, as both a country and continent, Australia boasts extreme natural beauty, progressive politics, and a strong economy.

2. Venezuela (tied with U.S)

A unique mix of indigenous and Spanish heritage, Venezuela shows extreme pride in their country, so much so that they are tied for the most patriotic country in the world.

1. The United States (tied with Venezuela)

Surprise, surprise, the United States is tied for the most patriotic country in the world. They have a citizen protection policy that is second to none.

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