Monday, 9 May 2016

#MotivationalMonday featuring Ayodele Dada, the guy with the golden CGPA.

Do you dread Mondays and desire Fridays? The former ushers in work while the the later is synonymous of fun and rest. We often scream "thank God it's Friday" and mumble an "oh my God it's Monday." 

What did you say at the early hours that ushered us into another new but most dreadful day- Monday. The first working day of the week, offers us a huge opportunity to start afresh. But the weekend rest seems never enough to Thank God it's Monday. 

So #MotivationalMonday on my blog is specially tailored to motivate us into our best energy for the week. This episode features 5 inspiring points of success from Daniel Dada the Unilag graduate who broke record with a 5.0 CGPA achievement. He took the stage at an Education summit this weekend, listed below are excerpts from his brief but highly motivational speech. Read them after the cut.......... 

1. You can’t play and pay at the same time, you either pay now or play later or you play now and pay later. Better to pay now and play later.

2. Delayed gratification is key

3. Be focused on what gives you information and learn to avoid distractions.

4. Be generous with your knowledge.

5. Be unique don’t conform. We are all made different; we all are good in different things. Don’t be a copy of anything, be an original. Copies fade easily; we make our mark when we are original.

Do have a fantastic week.

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