Wednesday, 11 May 2016

President Buhari's epic response to Cameron's corruption comment on Nigeria.

To say Nigeria is a very corrupt country is a truism but to tag her the most corrupt country in the world will definitely get the President's attention. David Cameron, British Prime Minister, comments that Nigeria is fantastically corrupt, to that, President Buhari gave what I call an epic response when he said: “I’m not going to demand an apology from anyone, what I’ll demand is a return of assets.” 
“By the end of our summit tomorrow, we should be able to agree on rules-based architecture to combat corruption. Corruption does not differentiate between developed and developing countries. It is a serious threat to good governance, peace and security, he said.

I call for establishment of an anti-corruption infrastructure that will trace and return stolen assets to their countries of origin. “Unfortunately, repatriating stolen assets is tedious, time-consuming, costly. It entails more than just signing of bilateral agreements. “The anti-corruption agencies have been revitalized to tackle the monster… A radical departure from the past. Our administration has zero tolerance for corruption…We have strong reserve to tackle it, even if many feathers would be ruffled.” 

Global leaders from civil society, business and government who are championing the fight against corruption gathered for a major conference. The leaders are set out at their commitments to end impunity, prevent corruption, empower victims and support activists, in an effort to bolster good governance and transparency and support sustainable development. 

The conference precedes the Anti-Corruption Summit: London 2016 on Thursday May, 12, hosted by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which aims to agree a package of practical steps to expose and drive out corruption. 

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