Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Trump explosion hits hard on Nigeria and Buhari.

Donald Trump have again exploded on Nigeria. The Republican presidential candidate did not spare President Buhari in this recent word attack. He is said to have referred to Buhari as an ‘insensible president’.

Donald Trump is well known for his highly controversial and harsh opinion on national and political issues, but that have in no way obstructed him in his pursuit to become America's President.

Read what he said after the cut..........

No sensible president continuously travels round the globe while his country Nigeria is in terrible hardship and economic mess.It can only happen in Nigeria where all that matters to the President is the full introduction of Islam, annihilation of his political opponents and absolute extermination of the people of the old Eastern Nigeria. 

Buhari, prior to his questionable victory at the polls as the President of Nigeria made lots of promises which he has obviously failed to keep and in most cases denied.”

Recall that recently, Donald Trump also referred to African leaders as ‘thieves’, using the president of Nigeria and Kenya as typical examples. He also said these African countries lack civilization and leadership skills and should be colonized a second time. Considering the appalling happenings in Nigeria, the US would-be-President may not be totally wrong after all but it would even be more interesting to see what happens if he becomes the next US president.

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