Thursday, 30 June 2016

Learn How To Make Loads of Money From Blogging As The BlogMaster presents National Blogging Month.

Hello Veteran Bloggers, Emerging Bloggers and Aspiring Bloggers,

We have chosen July 1 – July 31 as our NATIONAL BLOGGING MONTH to celebrate bloggers and the art of blogging in Nigeria. This date is chosen for strategic reasons. So join us as we officially include the passion and business of blogging into our yearly calendar.
To commemorate this epic moment in our local blogosphere, we have lined up various events including on-site trainings, online workshops on whatsapp, facebook & twitter, blog makeover sessions, networking sessions and a Nationwide Blog Tour that will cover up to 15 states (and still counting).

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#Naija'sTop10 featuring Top 10 Markets in Nigeria- Celebrating The Nigerian Spirit.

Why Market? Market is strictly a business zone, a place of buying and selling and where we get our needed goods. It's key that we acquit ourselves with the best of Nigerian markets.  
This week's Naija's top 10 is taking a look at what I call the traditional markets in Nigeria, more so that we are encouraged to buy made in Nigeria goods, we need to know the best market for needed products.
Pictured above is Onitsha International Market which is the top on the list. See details below:
1) Onitsha International Main Market (Anambra State) 
This is the largest market in Nigeria and West Africa at large. You are assured that you are getting any kind of product you need at an affordable rate. People from different parts of the country would always visit this market for their business transactions. Continue

#MustRead: LOGiN Bloggers Network A Huge Contributor to Nigeria’s Development; Celebrates 3rd Anniversary!

Bloggers in Nigeria just like our entertainment sector have become large contributors to Nigeria’s success story. The gains of having internet savvy youths in Nigeria are enormous, and have led to employment and deployment of digital media, and blogging skills even for organisations.

The LOGiN Bloggers Network, the pioneer and unique crème of bloggers in Nigeria have shown that blogging is a profession, that if practiced ethically and consciously can lift the burden of poverty and ignorance in Nigeria. Made up of trained ethical bloggers in niches like Development, Telecom, Patriotism, Business, Automobile, Lifestyle, News, Tech, Education, Mother and Child, Reviews, Events and places and more, members of the LOGiN Bloggers Network are spread across various states in Nigeria but bound with the common creed to tell Nigeria’s story positively.

Monday, 20 June 2016


When I was introduced as a blogger who blogs about loving Nigeria, the response I got was expected, but I must confess, the response exceeded my expectation. The guy goes, "love Nigeria, hahahaha,we should love Nigeria like this? Eh, with unreasonable high dollar rate, increased fuel price, inflation, unemployment and hunger, we should still love Nigeria se, okay o. It's like you are getting some change(money) from this change government." This he said laughing profusely,more like you have no case dear blogger, just forget it.

It is said that, one who does not love his country can love nothing. East and West, home is the best. I am not been insensitive to our present predicament, I feel in every inch the economy difficulties been experienced in the land, but it is not reason enough to give up on the country. Hate the sin but love the sinner. We hate our present situation as a nation, but Nigeria we must love. Our love/patriotic act can make all the difference in changing the trajectory of things in Nigeria.  

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Senate pass law mandating Nigerians to buy made in Nigeria goods.

The senate at its plenary today passed into law the Public Procurement Act 20‎07 (amendment) bill 2016, which among other things compels government in all the three tiers, to purchase made-in-Nigeria goods. Speaking after the passage of the bill, senate President, Bukola Saraki, said

"In stimulating our economy, we all have a role to play to ensure that the executive complies especially in the area of giving first priority to locally-produced goods. This has helped many countries to develop when they had issues of downturn in their economy. I want to commend my colleagues for passing this bill‎.”

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Photos: Tender justice with mercy- Oscar Pistorius plead as he gives a very emotional walk in court.

Can't wait to be back to full blogging! In the meantine, I couldn't resist posting what I call Pistorius emotional walk. Will the judges fall for this? Read the details as seen online below:

In today's court hearing at Pretoria High Court, athlete Oscar Pistorius stunned everyone when he removed his prosthetic limbs and walked round the courtroom in a desperate emotional bid by him and his defense team to prove to the Judge that he didn't intentionally murder ex-girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ex-president Jonathan Goodluck outlines some of his failures and success during his tenure as president of Nigeria.

Goodluck Jonathan has revealed how he was forced to spend from the excess crude oil revenue account during his administration. The former president made this revelation during interview programme with Bloomberg TV. Jonathan revealed that state governors were to blame for pressurising him to spend from the reserve fund thereby reducing the $20 billion at the inception of his administration left by Olusegun Obasanjo to about $2 billion when he left office on May 29, 2015.

Monday, 6 June 2016



While some people were born with silver spoon, others live with a golden heart. Dr. Mathias Oyigeya a 2015 Benue State Gubernatorial candidate and passionate politician is said to be one of those living with a golden heart. From spearheading the establishment of a standard health care center for his community, he has embarked on yet another laudable project which seeks to provide the people of Ogbadibo Local Government Area and neighbouring communities access to clean and drinkable water.

I joined the NNR, BFM media team to carry out an inspection of the water project and was also privileged to have about an hour exclusive interview time with the honorable. In the exclusive interview, he revealed how it all started, his journey into politics and his passion to impact the people positively.

Read the highly inspiring interview after the cut……..


It's natural to love your home, it's natural to clean her up, it's natural to present her in her best form to visitors and it's natural to care and protect her from invading enemies. Now it's equally not that hard to love our home country Nigeria. I am certain you have a long list of convincing items of why you don't love Nigeria, but wait first, before you pull out the list of all the sins, faults and under-development of Nigeria, I would like to point out some global realities to you:

1. There is no country developed or developing that is without sin/fault.  However long your list is, it can be matched or even exceeded by other nations. Continue.............

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