Monday, 20 June 2016


When I was introduced as a blogger who blogs about loving Nigeria, the response I got was expected, but I must confess, the response exceeded my expectation. The guy goes, "love Nigeria, hahahaha,we should love Nigeria like this? Eh, with unreasonable high dollar rate, increased fuel price, inflation, unemployment and hunger, we should still love Nigeria se, okay o. It's like you are getting some change(money) from this change government." This he said laughing profusely,more like you have no case dear blogger, just forget it.

It is said that, one who does not love his country can love nothing. East and West, home is the best. I am not been insensitive to our present predicament, I feel in every inch the economy difficulties been experienced in the land, but it is not reason enough to give up on the country. Hate the sin but love the sinner. We hate our present situation as a nation, but Nigeria we must love. Our love/patriotic act can make all the difference in changing the trajectory of things in Nigeria.  

The senate passed a law compelling Nigerians at all level to buy made in Nigeria goods to grow our economy. I call that, the positive effect of pain; it has definitely challenged us to think outside the box and encouraged to build industries rather than importing the worst of the worse into the country. Taking cue from this, there are things we must do at this time of austerity, Nigerians must not give up on Nigeria, if anything, we have to love her more.

I shared 15 ways to be the change you want to see in Nigeria here several times. In it I appealed to Nigerians to engage in some easy to do task in order to bring about positive change to the land. They span from praying for Nigeria, thanking God for Nigeria, celebrating Nigerians, driving responsiblities, giving back to the country etc. You can read it HERE

God bless Nigerians as we love Nigeria to it's desired state.

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