Monday, 6 June 2016


It's natural to love your home, it's natural to clean her up, it's natural to present her in her best form to visitors and it's natural to care and protect her from invading enemies. Now it's equally not that hard to love our home country Nigeria. I am certain you have a long list of convincing items of why you don't love Nigeria, but wait first, before you pull out the list of all the sins, faults and under-development of Nigeria, I would like to point out some global realities to you:

1. There is no country developed or developing that is without sin/fault.  However long your list is, it can be matched or even exceeded by other nations. Continue.............

Those who stand up for the love of their country, do that in respective of the sin and fault of that country. We all know history, we know we are  an Independent country but largely dependent on foreign nations even for toothpick. I really do know all our national sins and failures of our past and present leaders. In-fact I know Nigerians are gluttons, self seeking and corrupt. Are you still pulling out your list of Nigeria's sins, save it. I probably know it better than you. Seriously, I’ve got it, we all know it. But like a true lover, I stand to love Nigeria, forgiving all our sins and believing she will blaze through every trouble to shine again as the giant of Africa. Starved of that love, Nigeria like never before need all the love Nigerians can offer.

With herdsmen/boko haram killings, increased kidnapping rate, unpaid salaries, bad economy, unemployment, hardship and millions of people in jail, some for crimes they are innocent of. Tell me who wouldn't need all the love to get by.

Change is not an easy process, it comes with sacrifices and hardships which is only bore by the masses I guess. The Ruling Class are yet to make any adjustments that point to the alleged sacrifices and hardship of change. The elaborate salaries, allowances and exorbitant lifestyle of our ruling elite remains the same. Their only interest seems to be in political calculations and manipulations, yes dear, 2019 is by the corner and power must not change hands. The fate of Nigeria is been sacrificed on the alter of corruption, embezzlement and want for more than we can use in a lifetime.

Nigeria is in darkness today because every allocation for developing our power sector is in the stomach of some embezzlers. No one have been able to break through the gates; Oduah gate, Dasuki gate, NNPC gate etc to deal with corruption culprits. But bear in mind that the fight against corruption have been heightened. Hopefully the gate and it's hold against Nigeria will soon be broken. Is there anyone who love Nigeria well enough to dare to break that ugly gate? Indeed the country is hungry for true love, leaders who will love her and her people to greatness. 

Let's not go there, Nigerian youths? Have you heard that we are canvassing for a 50% inclusion in governance and we are no longer falling for the leaders of tomorrow deception? We are set for the act, yes we are leading today and now. But come to think about it, are our youths equipped for these leadership roles? A great number of our young people are ignorant of basic facts and it's been deliberately made that way by our public school systems. Our youths of today are said to be highly intelligent but lack values. They are fast but too lazy to go through the process. A quick prey for political antics, murdered for showing over rated and uniformed support for politicians who have their family members secured probably somewhere outside the shores of this country. We must love Nigeria enough to invest in building the right values in our youths.

The ignorance of a mass of the Nigerian population is alarming, our attitude towards the country is threatening. About 80% (my guess) of the population actually hates the nation they live in(Sadly so). No wonder Donald Trump, David Cameron and their foreign counterpart can say what they say about Nigeria. After-all they are right, we are all fantastically corrupt and we are a  bunch of thieves who steal Americans job. Have you ever tried calling a thief a thief or a prostitute a prostitute. Even if they are one, you will get the fight of your life if you try it.

Nigerians have taken all kinds of insult lying down, after all they are only stating the obvious. The wide world now looks with contempt upon us, because we have been unable to defend ourselves. We should love our country well enough to fight off every abuse. We must speak her into her greatness. To be continued...........

I am glad I am getting back to blogging again with a renewed passion. #Staytuned.

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