Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Click for a flight in a made in Nigeria helicopter.

You must be very daring to have clicked this post for a flight in a made in Nigeria helicopter, really daring! 

As scary as it sounds, 25-year-old University student from Kaduna, Mubarak Abdullahi think it's possible as he has built a helicopter in Nigeria that can allegedly fly up to seven feet. The people who shared the info on Facebook claim he used scrap aluminum and parts from a Honda Civic, an old Toyota and from the remains of a crashed Boeing 747 to build it. 

Nigerians are sure creative, a little support from government and other stakeholders can herald a boom in Nigeria's manufacturing industry. A considerable effort is  made so far by the present government to encourage  patronage of made in Nigeria goods to build our economy, policies need to be made to back this up. The young man's effort in building this Lagos taxi looking helicopter is commendable.  See another photo after the cut..........

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