Tuesday, 9 August 2016

56 Good Things about Nigeria (2)

Nigeria is blessed and Nigerians know it! Circumstances and the world impose a negative image which we refute. As proud citizens, we will see and dream the nation into it's greatness. 

Our 56th independence is about here, I am giving Nigerians 56 reasons we must celebrate and thank God for our country. Featured 10 yesterday, get it here if you missed it. Continue...........

10 Good Things About Nigeria:
11) We are blessed with very fertile land and can grow our foods naturally, with no need to import fresh food and produce, except we so desire. 

12) We grow the only yam that has been linked to fertility. 

13) We produce and have the highest number of twins worldwide. 

14) We are blessed with very hard-working people, old, young, male and female. 

15} We are blessed with abundant human resources, we are not underpopulated and nearing extinction, neither are we overpopulated like China or India. 

16) We are blessed with very rich cultures. 

17) We are blessed with multiple languages in different dialects and can easily learn languages that are foreign to ours. 

18) We are a multi-ethnic nation and co-exist and intermarry from all regions. 

19) We are very entrepreneurial, even our youth are exposed to business ideas at tender ages. 

20) We are the best dressed Africans and can out-dress any foreigner even in their own attires.


Watch out for more.

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