Tuesday, 16 August 2016

56 Good Things about Nigeria (3)

Nigeria is blessed and Nigerians know it! Circumstances and the world impose a negative image which we refute. As proud citizens, we will see and dream the nation into it's greatness.

Our 56th independence is about here, I am giving Nigerians 56 reasons we must celebrate and thank God for our country. Featured 20 already, get them here and here if you missed it. Continue...........
10 Good Things About Nigeria:
21] We are a very confident people though this is sometimes misconstrued for pride.

22] We have very good heritage we are generally proud of it. 

23] We are very innovative and with the right resources (esp. power) we can reach the stars. Even America was built on the back of some of our ancestors, and many of the inventions that create comfort for us today were made by our African-Americans relatives.

24] We are very resourceful and will use whatever we have available to achieve our goals.

25] We are very smart and intelligent people, (though some idle minds created by insufficient and/or outdated infrastructure has made a small percentage of us turn to fools who have honed skills in outsmarting others (mugus) to the detriment of our nations reputation). 

26] We perfect whatever we adopt, e.g. food (Jollof rice), clothing (Boubous), etc. 

27] We are an investment haven, no wonder telecommunication companies like MTN, Nokia; Oil companies; construction companies like Julius Berger; So. African fast food businesses and many other multi-national companies and organizations which made their wealth and success in Nigeria, have no intention of leaving, while others are seeking ways to enter and gain footing. 

28] We are very charitable and give alms generously. 

29] We provide refugee camps for foreigners who migrate to Nigeria due to political, economic and other unrest in their nations. 

30] We have always provided and continue to provide natural, food and human resources to nations that need them worldwide.


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