Monday, 8 August 2016

56 Good Things about Nigeria

We are God's own chosen people, though most do not realize this. As Nigeria prepares to mark her 56th birthday, here are some interesting facts about Nigeria that will gear you to celebration - #ProudlyNigerian

1] We are very accommodating, loving, generous and friendly. 

2] We mix freely and easily with others from other tribes, nations and races. 
[No wonder the foreigners who visit or have the opportunity to work in Nigeria either want to return and visit or have no desire to leave.] 

3] We make life a lot easier for foreigners no wonder the Lebanese, Indians, Japanese, Filipinos, Europeans, Americans and even the Ghanaians before they became problematic and were made to exile, many other African nations, even the Chinese all find it easy to adopt Nigeria as their home. 

4] We are not racist and intermarry foreigners hence the growing number of half-castes in Nigeria. 

5] No matter your financial status, in most cases you're one up on citizens of most other countries in that we have househelp, washmen, drivers, cooks, maghads (security) and other employees we consider basic necessity, whereas these are considered luxuries in most other countries. [No wonder the foreigners don't want to leave.] E.g. Dan Foster one of the popular radio stations' personalities, returned right after attempts were made to boot him by his previous employer. 

6] The human-caused conditions we live through make us very resilient and able to cope no matter where or in what circumstances we find ourselves. 

7] We have very good weather and though we complain of some cold during the harmattan and heat when the weather changes, it's nothing compared to the 3-digit heat and humidity in Dubai, California, Arizona, Houston, Tunisia and other Northern African nations, and many other regions worldwide, or freezing temperatures in the U.S., Canada or Europe. 

8] The kind of heat we have is healthier because we sweat and our skin pores are not clogged and for those who live close the coast, the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean is a blessing. 

9] God has been gracious by not giving us any devastating natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, blizzards, hurricanes, major floods, etc. 

10] We are blessed with many natural resources such as oil, solid minerals, etc.

#Countdowntoindependence. Nigerians must celebrate their home country Nigeria.

46 more points coming soon.......... watch out!

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