Thursday, 1 September 2016

56 Good Things about Nigeria (4)

Nigeria is blessed and Nigerians know it! Circumstances and the world imposes a negative image which we refute. As proud citizens, we will see and dream the nation into it's greatness. 

Our 56th independence is about here, I am giving Nigerians 56 reasons we must celebrate and thank God for our country. Featured 30 already, get them here here and here  if you missed it. Continue...........

10 Good Things About Nigeria:

31] We are committed to world peace and seek ways to neutralize situations instead of promoting warfare.

32] We know how to unwind to ease our daily stresses via parties and other events. No wonder we were declared the "Happiest Nation in the World." 

33] We throw the best parties and provide all the food, drinks and gifts for free. 

34] We are a very optimistic nation, despite the few that habour pessimistic views because of their personal experiences and sometimes myopic tendencies. No wonder Nigerians were found to be the "Third Most Optimistic People in the World."

35] Nigerian Immigrants have the Highest Levels of Education worldwide.

36] We are a very talented people and thank God for globalization our previously undiscovered talents are now being exposed and appreciated worldwide. E.g. our musicians who receiving accolades for their talents and are now being sought after by foreign artists for collaborations.

37] We have a lot of artistes in our growing movie industry who have contributed to the explosion and appreciation of Nigerian home movies worldwide, though we still need to work further on some of our story lines and production quality.

38] We have so many skilled labourers who have contributed to our culture and made many of the historical artifacts that were stolen during and after exploitation by our former colonial masters. E.g. the original mask England is still holding ransom, necessitating us to produce a replica during the 1977 Festac event.

39] Nigerians are the "Most Religious in the World," we just need to stop copying the western trends especially "Prosperity Preaching" that has turned some of our pastors into prosperity, rather than soul-seekers. 

40] Despite some religious conflicts in the northern regions we are still able to keep it together and coexist despite our religious differences.


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