Tuesday, 13 September 2016

56 Good Things about Nigeria (5)

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Nigeria is blessed and Nigerians know it! Circumstances and the world imposes a negative image which we refute. As proud citizens, we will see and dream the nation into it's greatness.

Our 56th independence is about here, I am giving Nigerians 56 reasons we must celebrate and thank God for our country. Featured 40 already, get them here here here and here if you missed it. Continue...........
10 Good Things About Nigeria:
41] Despite the hot spots in the Delta area, caused by the people's outcry about how Oil multinationals have exploited the people in the region without any notable contribution to their well-being, Nigeria is still able to keep it together.

42] Nigeria despite her challenges and mistakes has been able to maintain democracy for over 17years.

43] We are one of the nations blessed with royalty to the envy of some others.

44] We have produced a lot of "Firsts" for Africa.

45] Nigeria has produced some of the world's most respected minds and personalities in various fields and businesses. In Entertainment, In Science, In Sports and other fields.

46] Nigeria must be doing somethings right, as God has not given up on her, and since despite her challenges and shortcomings, she is still the source of envy to some nations.

47] We have athletes being trained everyday including the freeway hawkers who outrun cars to sell their merchandise. 

48) We overcame America's prediction of the nation's disintegration in 2015. Nigeria was shaken to it's root, Nigerians prayed and God answered. We celebrate that Nigeria is still one and not a war ridden country.

49) Reduced bombing and insecurity is one stride to be ultimately thankful for in Nigeria. About a year ago we couldn't have a week of no bomb blast or terror attack in some part of the nation. 

50) Inspite of our alleged backwardness, Nigeria through the Federal Government Scholarship Scheme have sponsored a good number of Nigerians at various level of education and professional training.


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