Saturday, 3 September 2016

HOME INFLUENCE- Decorating to promote societal values(1).

Social values or societal norms play an important role in determining how a person perceives the world and what belief system is adopted. The collective beliefs of a society can greatly influence how a person responds and interacts with the world. 

Parenting and the views of parents also help determine the attitudes the child will adopt and likely have throughout their life. Now you will be amazed to discover that values are being impacted just by the way we decorate our homes and keep our environment. Often times we attribute certain behaviors to certain locations right, like the slum and urban behaviors. 

I will be sharing my little knowledge on how to decorate and organize your home in order to promote the right values on the people under your home influence, like I quote severally -charity begins from the home, so is every other virtue. 

Values in a country greatly determine the attitudes of the people. According to Napoleon Hill, freedom is ranked as the most desired aspect in life. Freedom to think, speak, believe, live and work as one chooses. Countries with high rate of home and environmental disorder will hinder the populations' ability to have a positive attitude. Whereas the environment in a developed country like the US, encourages individual expression, which gives people hope and forms the right attitude for growth and development. 

Our homes, environment, Nation and life in general can change for the better. As we forge and look ahead to a developed nation we must address this change from the simple things we do in our homes and environment knowing so well how this have an impact on us. Am going to be sharing more on societal values but let me give one decorating tip today which will simply be ORGANIZING. 

Organization is not just a company word. It is a word derived from organ which is the various part of the human body. Simply put by oxford dictionary and as it relates to this- organization is the way in which different parts of something are arranged. In decorating your house/room organization is key not just to the house but to the people that stays there. No matter the quality of your home or interior once it is organized you will achieve more than an expensive disorganized home will achieve. Am going to place two pictures below and you judge for yourself? 
When you organize your home, you are saying to the people under your home influence that you can’t break the rules even when you step out. You promote the law abiding value that says stop, wait or move. The traffic light says so much in organizing. Once the lights are off, the amount of chaos that happens at our junctions is just a symbol of what happens in our homes and minds when we do not inculcate high level of organization in our decorating plans. (I have a right up on my blog on how to organize your home, will do a re post so check it out) 

My personal quote for organization is ‘Make space for everything and keep everything in their space’. Once in a while we all get agitated and in a hurry and leave things in array which is understandable but we shouldn’t leave them like that for too long. I have never seen an organized person with a disorganized home and once I see a disorganized person I just know their home is not helping out. The truth is that there is no one place or institution that prepares us for the outside world like our HOME. You can learn organization just by organizing your home. I will be helping a friend out in organizing her home this weekend and will be sharing photos with you, the before and after. 

As we all look to our political leaders to drive us to a great Nigeria we should also be aware that a majority of this change will begin with the right attitude of all Nigerians. We need to put things in place that will drive this and as an Interior Designer that is passionate about change I want us to rise to this occasion by doing the best we can just by decorating our homes well for positive impact. My pages for today is full but tomorrow I will be throwing more light on this and I believe we all can make a difference. 

In the mean time thanks for viewing, do leave your comment as we want to work with you in making the difference. 

Live your dream! 

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