Friday, 30 September 2016

Meet Our Distinguished Independence Media Chat Guest, Kolo Kenneth Kadiri.

Kolo Kenneth Kadiri is a serial networker and addicted netizen. He is enthusiastic about how brands perceive and utilize virtual trends and audiences for engagement, positioning and exposure; and how they leverage on their offline attitude for sales closure. 

An ardent social do-gooder and a growing social change communicator, Kolo imbibes the tenets of development communication in advocating for amongst others, gender responsive public services, tax justice, women's sexual and reproductive health rights, internet freedom and ethical citizen-journalism. 
He is hugely vocal on plethora of social media platforms where he help brands, events and their managers, non-profits and causes, professionals, and public agencies, develop and roll-out a communication strategy online. He has work and travel experience across West Africa, Rwanda, and parts of Scandinavia. He is a co-founder at SocialGood Nigeria. 

It is our pleasure to host this delectable gentle man to our first ever social media chat #IndependenceChat on Saturday 1st October, 2016 by 5pm on Twitter.

The chat promises to be interesting, educative and impactful as we deliberate on key national issues. Topic is- "Nigeria in Dire Times: Role of Citizens and Leaders In Rebuilding The Country."

Be a part of making history, join the chat on @MercyEbute @KoloKennethK #independenceChat.

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