Wednesday, 7 September 2016

What A World! Man Impregnates, Kills 14-Year Old Daughter In Ekiti

Residents of Emure in Emure Local Government Area of Ekiti State, are yet to recover from the shock of why a 50-year-old man simply identified as Williams would allegedly impregnate his 14-year old daughter (names withheld), and subsequently murder her to cover up his crime.

Residents in the community told newsmen that Williams had some few months ago put his 14-year old daughter in the family way after series of alleged illicit affair with her.

They added that recently, they started noticing some transformation in the girl that suggested that she was pregnant and this strange development fired their curiosity which eventually made them to discover that she was allegedly impregnated by her father.

Neigbhours who had been suspicious of the unholy rapport between father and daughter began to peddle rumours about the source of the girl’s pregnancy. Soon, the news was making the rounds among the villagers, that Williams had impregnated his own daughter.

According to Anike, a lady resident in the community, “Williams took his ‘expectant girl’ to his farm in Aba Iso area of the community, where it was learnt that he strangulated the girl to death.

“We are sure Williams killed his pregnant girl so as to cover up his crime because the girl’s pregnancy was already becoming very conspicuous and everyone knew that it was her father who slept with her.”

“It took us a while before we were able to apprehend Williams and handed him over to the traditional chiefs in the Community,” the lady said.

When contacted the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Alberto Adeyemi denied any knowledge of the incident, saying “the matter has not been officially reported to us.”


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